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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Pippa Middleton is partying on a royal meal ticket

So here it is... finally it’s December and we can all get officially excited/terrified/hyper/overdrawn in the name of Christmas. And we will all be frantically organising our family get-together won’t we?

Doesn’t everyone have the family together at this time of the year? And don’t we need some expert guidance in what to do and how to do it?

Luckily we have the know-how and skills of Pippa Middleton to help us.

The sister of the Duchess of Cambridge has been very busy since the Royal wedding working hard at helping the family company by going out to lots of parties and nightclubs and making sure she’s photographed by newspapers and magazines.

But in between all this seriously hard slog and mental anguish (which dress to wear? which shoes are on-Xmas trend? Lippy on, lippy off, hair up or back? One bracelet or two?) she has managed to cobble together some tips on how to throw a great party.

She has come up with Ten Tips for a Perfect Family Christmas.

Yes, Ten! Not one or three or five, but double figures!

She has revealed her innermost cleverest thoughts for the Party Times online magazine she edits for her family’s mail-order business.

Her top tips include welcoming family and neighbours by lighting pathways with tealight garden lanterns, LED light sticks and fairy lights wrapped round tree trunks or branches; sprucing up the tree with “an array of colourful decorations” or what about using “for something unique, silver and red personalized baubles”.

Then you can make biscuits using a Christmas cookie cutter set that come in a variety of shapes such as star, reindeer, snowflake or Christmas tree designs, or a gingerbread house decorated with sweets.

She advises us to dress up the dinner table with novelty place card holders and fill bowls with Roses or Quality Street sweeties.

For a warming drink, she recommends: “Hot chocolate ganache sticks stirred into mugs of warm milk are wonderful seasonal treats for the family.”

Other classic, inspirational ideas include wrapping your gifts as soon as possible and shop online to save on shopping trips...

Who could have thought of that?

I could go on but I think you get the gist. Is it just me, or has she really, really not tried very hard at all on this?

I hope Her Royal Pippa-ness tries a bit harder for the new book she has just agreed to write for a reported £400,000.

We are told it will be a guide to party planning, including recipes, anecdotes and details of how to throw a range of different types of event.

And surprise, surprise! It will be released in time for Christmas next year.

Apparently, Pippa is determined that she is not seen to be making money from her closeness to the Royal Family. Therefore the book is likely to be launched late next autumn, after the summer celebrations around the Queen’s Jubilee but in time for Christmas.

But if she wasn’t sister-in-law to the next king of England, would anyone be interested in her or her book?

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Seems like innocuous enough, if not orignal, party suggestions. Hard to believe it elicits this much snark. Particularly since she, and her family, are in the party planning business. Granted, it's not quantum physics, but then neither was this article.

Posted by tourist on 9 December 2011 at 20:41

Although, pippa would not getting the attention without her high-profile sister, i do not blame her for maximising the opportunity. Unlike Kate,Camilla ,Fergie ect she did not choose to get involved with the Royals. I will not buy the book because Cumbrians know how to party! Sure poor BM can make his own pillow- try local WI for help.

Posted by me on 7 December 2011 at 18:35

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