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Monday, 25 May 2015

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Heineken and butterflies

Dedicated readers may have noticed an absence in blog updates last week. This is down to my tagging along on a family trip to Amsterdam.


The obvious side effects of this, besides almost getting run over bikes at every available opportunity, was missing a week’s worth of gym sessions.

I think I suitably made up for it trekking across the city and jumping up and down like a mad man to Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham as Tusk was beted out at the Ziggo Dome (not at all dome-shaped by the way) last Monday night!

Also I’ve added Heineken to the dietary list - but red herring is definitely out!!

Anyway you’ll all be glad to hear that I made it safely back to the sunny North-east in one piece and ready to head back to Ponteland and The Outfit.

So right now I’m in the full swing of training again and things have upped a gear. As previously mentioned each session focuses on a different muscle area - mainly divided up as arms, back and legs. You have different exercises for each one which are broken up into four sets (still with me?)

Then you ‘rep’ a certain number, for example doing 12 butterfly bench presses (which involves lying on your back on a bench, supporting the dumbbells above your chest with arms, lowering your arms to the side until your chest muscles are stretched out and then bringing your arms back up over you again).

It sounds like some medieval torture technique but with the right instruction and rightly weighted dumbbells it does your arms and chest a world of good (just expect to be stiff for a day afterwards).

Anyway, the reps have gone up since I got back to 12, then 10, then 20, then 30!! The 20 and 30s are done with a rest pause of 5 seconds, of which I took an ample amount.
When I look around the gym this has lead to a lot of sweaty faces and gurning as we push to prove we can reach that coveted 30 reps.

It’s not a breeze but we are getting there and I do feel like I’m getting stronger. Remember when I mentioned that it would be a dream to lift the 5kg, well I did! Admittedly I was doing 10 bench presses with it and collapsed but hey I’ve achieved more than I thought I would.
In fact I almost got to push over that weight when my left shoulder buckled in. It wasn’t a pleasant moment and I have been advised by Jack to see a physio...this could spell the end of my deadlifting career. Time will only tell

By Rosalind Saul
Published: October 21, 2013


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